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Not working tried every know thing to fix this

like a day beforehand it was working just fine and now it's not i tried reinstalling windows even and still nothing i have unplugged it for 10 sec for each cord and still nothing i have made sure everything on my computer is up to date and still nothing i have tried everything watched so many youtube videos and nothing and if anyone has soltion to my problem please help and also i cant even setup my oculus now becasue says that it can't find the tracking so again please help and thank you for the help


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,062 Oculus Staff
    Hello @zolton.campbell.69 try reseating the cable found behind the facial interface. They both can individually be removed by gently pulling, and removing additional USB devices other than the keyboard, mouse and headset can assist with issues as well. If you still have issues, gather your diagnostic logs with steps here and create a ticket here. - Principe
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