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ANOTHER - Static Noise & Black Screen Crash Issue - But I Already Replaced my Cable - Rift S

GeminiNightGeminiNight Posts: 5
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edited September 20 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
Hey all,

I started having a problem with my Rift S where my headset would make a loud static noise *Hsssss* and then crash to black forcing me to get up, unplug, and replug all my cables to get it working again. At first, this would only happen once or twice a week, but after a few weeks, it was happening every 2 - 4 hours. I came to these forums to see that others, like me, had been experiencing the same problem. I tried the fixes that people had posted and was not making any progress. So as a last ditch attempt, I purchased a new cable which arrived September 3rd.

Perfect, I thought, my issue is solved, and for 17 joyful days I was able to enjoy my VR headset crash free. Then last night, September 20th, I heard it again *HSSSSSS* and my headset went black. The only difference this time was that it came back on about 20 seconds later without me having to get up and re-plug all of the cables.

I currently have no income due to Corona and my headset and VR are the only things keeping me sane while locked up inside my home. Purchasing the new cable was a huge investment for me, but one that I felt was necessary even without an income. I can't, however, keep replacing my cable each and every month. I just don't have the money. After 2 replacement headsets, and replacing the cable, I'd have been better off waiting and purchasing a Valve headset for the money I'm ending up spending.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Rift S, but it has had so many problems that it's been both a pain and a joy to own.

Does anyone have any ideas why this issue would have started again?
Is it a dodgy cable that I received?
Is my headset frying cables?
Will I need to buy a whole new headset, something I can't afford to do right now, just to get this working?
Is there anything else I can try to fix this?
Does my new cable come with a warrantee or am I stuck with the cost of replacing it again and again and again and again....?

Posting this both to let people know my experience, and to see if there is anything else I can try to save my beloved headset and, in turn, my sanity.  

Thanks for any advice,
Stay safe out there Gordon.


  • ShundrieShundrie Posts: 11
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    Gordon, what happened, I am having the same problem and just wondered if it was the cable so thanks you have saved me some money at least, did you fix it? 

    Thanks Shundrie 
  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,056 Volunteer Moderator
    The number one cause of problems with the Rift-S is power, a lot of motherboards don't put out enough on the USB ports. The Rift-S may work fine for a while, then stop.
    Using a powered USB hub may fix that (I had tons of Rift-S problems until I used a powered hub). They are cheaper than the replacement cable, and are useful in general besides for the Rift-S.
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  • bypigbypig Posts: 3
    I Have the same problem, it used to be once every hour but now I can't even get past setting up the headset without it crashing and resetting all my computers usbs.
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