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Free upgrade no longer available

hickszhicksz Posts: 2
Just saw the new trailer for the oculus quest two and am very excited, only to find out that if I want to use the apps and games that I've bought on the go I would have to pay the full price again. 
Does not seem right as its on the same oculus platform. Quite disappointed now. 


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,950 Volunteer Moderator
    The really annoying thing is they would (to some degree) technically work on the Quest, if Oculus allowed it.
    My students were making Go games, I took their apk builds and installed on my Quest, the games (which were designed for 3DOF head and single controller) worked. Of course it broke the gameplay a little when the game was about blocking projectiles and I could just walk out of the arena and not get hit. :)

    The Unity SDK for the Go and Quest is the same. It always returns controllers and headset as 6DOF, just that the Go fixed the positions to 0,0,0.
    It's potentially 2 lines of code to stop movement confusing a Go game running on a Quest.

    Sadly commercial Go games would do the copy protection check to make sure you own them, and if they were run on a Quest it would check the wrong store, so they'd fail.

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  • hickszhicksz Posts: 2
    Its like buying a new pc, just to find out that you need to buy all the software and games all over again. Heartbreaking!
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