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Oculus should send a review unit to someone with IPD 70+

There are many of us with high IPD that have pre-ordered the oculus quest 2, instead of dealing with a ton of returns why not just send a unit to a youtuber that has a IPD of 70+ so that we can finally see if the experience will be unplayable,  I'm hearing mixed results, I have an IPD of 71, and I pre-ordered the oculus quest 2. I can already tell you that if it doesn't work then I will be returning the headset, so this would definitely safe on the hassle.  If you don't want to send a unit out to a youtuber then how about having one of your staff that has a 70+ IPD give a demo of the product in a video, If you didn't plan on supporting 70+ IPD then just outright say it so we can not waste our time and money please.


  • JohnnyDioxinJohnnyDioxin Posts: 2,718 Valuable Player
    They said they already have done and the solution they have implemented suited all round. You should really read up on it before knocking them, though that seems to be a popular thing right now.

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  • hesten.unamhesten.unam Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    70+ is ok with their biggest IPD setting.
  • CrewJonesCrewJones Posts: 1
    I have IPD 71 and I'm finding Quest 2 has less clarity for me than Quest 1. There's also significantly less field of view. Whatever solution they "implemented" is ineffective...bummer.
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