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My Gear VR no longer works

davanblaricomdavanblaricom Posts: 4
Hi. I am having this issue now that when my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+) is hooked into my Gear VR, nothing happens anymore. Nothing boots up, the phone screen doesn't change. This is now happening since the Gear VR's support ceased on September 30th. I know that the end of Gear VR support probably has something to do with this, but I thought I read that only Samsung XR apps will cease to operate, not the Gear VR app itself. That I thought was supposed to open when I plug in my phone. I was also told by them that I would be able to operate my Gear VR apps like normal, everything but apps made by Oculus. I was counting on still using my Gear VR, especially since some things actually work better on that than a real VR headset.


  • MCSleeperMCSleeper Posts: 4
    Same issues with me. Have you found a solution?
  • davanblaricom1davanblaricom1 Posts: 1
    edited October 26
    My phone has a lot of issues with its USB connection and has stopped connecting to certain things. I was recently thinking it perhaps stopped working with the Gear VR for the same reason. Do you have USB problems with your phone? I've seen other people have similar problems so maybe it IS Oculus's end of support.
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