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Missing games after merging FB and Oculus accounts.

trevor42088trevor42088 Posts: 2

I bought the quest 2 today, brought it home, signed into my facebook to set it up. Redownloaded my oculus software on my computer and signed into my Oculus account (using my email, as i never signed in using facebook on my computer VR stuff), and it asked me to merge accounts. I Did, and when it finished, i had no more games.

I attempt to sign into the account with my games, it tells me merged accounts and sign in with facebook. I sign in with facebook, no games.

My theory: At the very worst, i had two oculus accounts, one from 4 years ago on my GearVR that was connected to facebook and newer account when i bought my Rift S, that wasnt connected to facebook. I say this because the new merged account has games from 4 years ago i had on my gear VR, but no games that i played on my Rift S.

I had bought games like Blade and Sorcery, Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, Azgards Wrath... They are all gone now... 


  • Dragneel55Dragneel55 Posts: 32
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    I have the same problem. where do we go for help and support?
  • trevor42088trevor42088 Posts: 2
    I filled out a ticket, and a rep emailed me and said they were looking into it. Ive posted in the oculus reddit as well and just keep getting people that think i dont understand i wont normally see PC VR games on my quest 2 headset. 

    its about having a complete catalog of PCVR games disappear because they decided to merge one library over the other. 
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,233 Volunteer Moderator
    If you merged the wrong Oculus account, then your other Oculus account with the Rift games should still exist and should still have those games. You won’t be able to merge that account to your current Facebook account, but if you sign out of your Facebook account in the PC app and figure out your Oculus account sign-in, you can use that account unmerged. 
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  • Dragneel55Dragneel55 Posts: 32
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    Many user are having the same if not similar problems with the link and merging of the Facebook accounts. This was so poorly planned out. Why would they introduce a system that is so flawed it generates all these problems. If I rolled out something like this for my job I would be fired. 
  • Karen-666Karen-666 Posts: 1
    Same problem here. I merged my Oculus and Facebook accounts, and lost my purchased games. Support has not been great - just told me to merge the accounts to see my games. It was merging the accounts that made me lose my games in the first place! Also, when I tried to add the username that I have used for years, it refused and said this username is already being used by an Oculus account. Yeah, mine! 
  • user_601282625731201user_601282625731201 Posts: 1
    Same here, all games gone.
  • TribbTribb Posts: 24
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    Same here. I finally heard something from Oculus Support, but it is not fixed.
  • JfplJfpl Posts: 9
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    I heard back from them today just saying sorry for the delay and they are still looking into it. Its now becoming a joke. Getting very fed up with the whole thing.
  • Dragneel55Dragneel55 Posts: 32
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    I guess I should not get my hopes up to use my new headset this weekend...
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