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Buying games from the oculus store on the PC and Quest 2?

pyroman832pyroman832 Posts: 1
So I am new to the VR thing and just got the quest 2. I downloaded the PC oculus app and bought my first game, Beat Saber...had my quest connected to my computer and played it just fine. When I disconnected it from the computer and tried to play it with just the quest by itself it showed that I had to buy the game again on the headset. Are the stores and account not linked or do you have to just buy the game twice if you want to run it on both PC and Quest when its disconnected.

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  • NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 165
    edited October 13 Accepted Answer
    You need to do some research on games before you purchase them. Many games are cross-buy, meaning if you buy the Rift version you get the Quest version. However, some games require an extensive re-write to port them the Quest.

    When companies spend a lot of resources porting to Quest, they may decide that they need compensation for bringing it to a different platform. Beat Saber requires you to purchase on each of the two platforms. However, song packs are shared, so if you buy the Linkin Park pack, for example, you only have to buy it once. 

    Here is a semi-hidden page that show which games are cross-buy.
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  • CreypaperCreypaper Posts: 1
    I am in the same boat kinda. I have the Rift S and just got the O2 today. I had to repurchase games I already own and I couldn't connect to my steam account either.
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