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Oculus gave me Store Credit in USD, how to use it in Euro?

dajo360dajo360 Posts: 5
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Oculus has given me $10,- store credit in USD but I can't use it since I'm from Europe and I have to purchase in EUR. 
Could anyone please help me with a solution? I've also tried to reach out directly to Oculus, but that seems to be absolutely impossible. 


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,078 Oculus Staff
    @dajo360 Hi, Could you please provide me with your ticket number when you reached out, as I would like to see why we weren't able to change it. - Clint
  • dajo360dajo360 Posts: 5
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    Hi Clint, thank you very much for taking the time to provide me with a reply. I do appreciate it. 

    I do not have a ticket, I just wasn't able to find any other way to connect to Oculus other than writing here on this forum. 

    Just now I got a message from my Oculus app that tells me "1 day left until your $10 USD store credit expires".
    I wasn't aware that I had a limited time only to spend it. 

    Apart from the DK1, I literally got every single Oculus HMD. So I would be happy if I could use the store credit to buy an app for my new Quest 2, instead of seeing it expire because of the currency issue. 
    Many thanks for your support! 
  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,910 Valuable Player
    edited October 21
    Open a support ticket here..................

    You need to move quick though. Don't wait another 6 days to respond.

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    Dear Oculus, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", please.

  • dajo360dajo360 Posts: 5
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    Thanks, Richooal, I just opened a support ticket. 
    Thanks for this URL. In previous search attempts I wasn't able to find a link to open a ticket, so thanks!
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