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App for stereoscopic 3D photos (4:3)

SvenMotzSvenMotz Posts: 2
does anyone have a tip for an app with which you can view stereoscopic photos (3D) on the Oculus Go? With 360 degree photos this works for me without any problems, but not with photos in the ratio 4: 3! I've been looking for an app for a long time - but I haven't found it yet! Maybe someone has a tip for me ...


  • SvenMotzSvenMotz Posts: 2
    Maybe someone knows which “format” / “variant” the Oculus Go generally recognizes as 3D? Top-Bottom or Left-Right? It is also interesting which metadata must be stored so that the Oculus Go can recognize 3D / stereoscopic photos ...
  • ohgrantohgrant Posts: 361
     Not sure if the Go has "Oculus" gallery installed? If so you should be able to open it with that but the first time will just open the format you've taken them, SBS, Over under.  There should be a tool bar to enable side by side, over under or anaglyph. My Quest 2 doesn't have gallery but my Quest 1 does. If you don't have that. Virtual desktop will also let you enable 3D. Kind of tricky finding the 3D control panel in Virtual desktop for Quest not sure about the go. I lower the touch controllers until the tool bar appears below. I don't think there is any format that will open automatically in 3D but once set to 3D should automatically open up that way, same as 3D movies. The format I use is .jps 
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