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So Ive heard people suggest wedging something between the lenses to get a 69 IPD

I dunno if this would be considered safe, however its a potential solution for those with a wider IPD, since more wider space will give more clarity, I just want to know if anyones tried this and if it could damage the lenses.


  • Knight_ExKnight_Ex Posts: 7
    So no one heard about this?  Just wondering as it might be a solution for some of us, I just wanna know if the lenses can take it
  • Quickdraw_OgQuickdraw_Og Posts: 23
    Brain Burst
    I don't think it would be possible. There is a hard stop at the outer limit of the lens adjustment. Pushing it beyond that would require modification to that part of the shell, I think.
  • Knight_ExKnight_Ex Posts: 7
    They have a video of it on Reddit, and it shows the IPD adjustment on screen, starting at 68, then he gets it to 68.9 when putting a wedge in, maybe it was the 68 that they were able to get certified on and they felt comfortable with? there is definitely a noticeable gap between the edge space in the slot that could have been used to give it another notch of adjustment.
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