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My Display won't turn on.

As I just got my rift s today, straight out of the box, downloaded everything, and plugged in all the needed cords, I put it on to find out nothing comes up. Just pitch blackness. I then remove it to check the white light, which is on, then the blue light in front, which is on. YET, upon putting it on again, it still shows pitch blackness. HELP!

Just to note: I can hear my PC Audio from it and the controllers connected, yet from all the set up, I can't pass the guardian set up with this pitch black, won't turn on, issue.


  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 6,854 Volunteer Moderator
    Sounds like you may need a powered USB hub ?
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  • HeatZoneHeatZone Posts: 2
    I've got a good amount of USB 3.0 Ports. What do you mean by it though?
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