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My oculus Quest 2 went to the wrong adress

AlexFurryAlexFurry Posts: 1
I contacted ups, oculus support and told what happened, my oculus Ques 2 and carrying case went to a completely different adress but in the same street, now Im waiting them to tell me how this is this going to be fixed, If somebody stole it will I get a replacement or my money back? I saved so much for this and I dont want to lose it, im super worried and anxy right now.


  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 6,854 Volunteer Moderator
    How do you know it went to a different address ? Can you not knock on the door and ask for your parcel???
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  • synchromesh62synchromesh62 Posts: 340
    Ouch thats bad and not uncommon from my experience for Amazon stuff to go to another address but luckily the neighbours usually bring it round when they see the actual name and address. 
    Hope it gets sorted for you i can imagine how you feel 
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