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Cross-buying on the PC and Quest stores?

lafureurlafureur Posts: 21
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How do I know if a game purchased on the Oculus PC store will also be available on the Oculus Quest store? In the oculus FAQ we can read that Facebook recommends a cross-purchase policy with publishers, but that only the publisher decides in the end. So my question is how do I know if a game bought on one store will be available for free on the other store?


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,967 Volunteer Moderator
    Generally there's two indicators.
    Second, look in the info box for a game on the store. If it lists both quest and rift, then it will be cross buy.

    For example, here's Beat Saber (not cross buy) on the Quest store webpage:
    It only says supports Quest.

    Here's Audica (cross buy) on the Quest store:

    It lists Quest and Rift. The same on its Rift store page, both platforms are listed.

    This isn't 100% though, Star Trek Bridge crew is apparently cross buy (from what I've heard, haven't actually bought it myself), but it isn't in the cross buy list and doesn't list quest and rift on the store. I'm guessing this is because it wasn't cross buy at release, it changed later and the pages were never updated.

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  • lafureurlafureur Posts: 21
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    It's ultra clear! Thank you !
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,233 Volunteer Moderator
    edited October 18
    Sometimes the “supported platform” information is inconsistent—some cross-buy titles don’t list both platforms like they should (lPhantom: Covert Ops, for instance), but that cross-buy link that kojack posted is reliable. 
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  • lafureurlafureur Posts: 21
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    Thank you too !
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