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Monitor Spanning and Rift S

Bendan.DaltroneBendan.Daltrone Posts: 2
PC Config
EVGA RTX-2080 Super FTW3 Hydrocopper 456.71 driver
32GB DDR4-4000
I have 3 28in 4K monitors 2 Display Port 1 HDMI - previously had 4 connected and spanned with zero issues.
If I span all 3 monitors in Nvida settings Dash = fatal error
If I span only 2 monitors Dash works
If I don't span any monitors Dash works.
Dash only crashes when I span all 3 monitors.
I can launch Oculus and get it working fine with 2 monitors and then span the third one in without closing the desktop app. I go back to the Rift and and everything works except the Dash Crash box is there and won't go away. 
Am I trying something that's beyond the scope of the Rift S? Should I go with the Quest 2 instead? Will this be a problem on the Quest 2 using Link? I've been all over the internet looking for someone with a similar issue with no luck.
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