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Watching Films - Listening to Music on Quest - Noob

david.francis.5648david.francis.5648 Posts: 15
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Hi, I'm totally new to VR and just got my Quest 2 this week.

Can I watch movies such as mp4 files or whatever that I load on myself? What about listening to music?

I can't see a file directory "inside" so don't know where they would be, how to access them or what app to open them with.

Is there a "disco" app? One where I can put my music in then either have a fake club experience or just see amazing visuals such as fractals etc (I'm thinking a bit like the old windows media player).



  • ohgrantohgrant Posts: 361
    edited October 18
      There was Oculus Gallery on Quest 1, but I'm not seeing it on Quest 2. You can use Skybox to watch your mp4's 360 movies will launch in VR, standard format movies in a large theater. 2D and 3D movies are supported. You may want to research developer mode and Sidequest to manage your file transfers.  If you have a PC and store your movies and music on your PC, you may want to check out the virtual desktop app. Download the desktop steamer to your PC. Acquire the app "virtual desktop" from the quests oculus store. You can then stream from your PC to your Quest. Dev mode is not required for virtual desktop unless you want to stream VR games.     
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  • david.francis.5648david.francis.5648 Posts: 15
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    Thanks, I'll have a look. I have a chromebook at present. Need to get hold of a windows os
  • ldorseyldorsey Posts: 5
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    In addition to what ohgrant already mentioned, here's some more apps to try. Another one for 2d movies is Bigscreen. Also you could use Pigasus or Deovr.
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