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Oculus app crash while screen mirroring

Xao_King_KyeremXao_King_Kyerem Posts: 1
edited October 18 in Support
Hello, I try to screen mirroring but the oculus app crashed on my phone and my quest 2 get a notification of a problem with screen mirroring. I tried to change the wifi but it doesn't change anything. Thank you for helping me.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,078 Oculus Staff
    @Xao_King_Kyerem If you haven't already, try disabling the WiFi and re-enabling it, power cycle the headset, and factory reset the headset ( Note: All data on headset will be lost, you will need to re-download your apps/games). If you continue to have issues, please create a support ticket with us here. - Clint
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