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search of apps "cat" does not product desired result

Vajra1Vajra1 Posts: 2
When I first powered up the oculus it suggested I go into a video entitle something like "cats playground". I really liked that and I'd like to be able to find it again. But when I go into apps and search for cat it doesn't come up with anything. Is the search function of quest 2 broken?


  • MeowcaTheoRangeMeowcaTheoRange Posts: 5
    Have you tried looking in other places (like Rift, Rift S, or Go)? It may be there, and Oculus may have made a mistake mentioning their platform for the app/game.
  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,967 Volunteer Moderator
    Could you describe what happened in it?
    Also which headset did you get? The Rift/Rift-S have different intro software to the Quest / Quest 2.

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  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,233 Volunteer Moderator
    I suspect it might not be an app, but rather a video on Oculus TV.
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