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Purchased games in the PC app and they don't show up on my Quest 2 (and support ticket is down)

MolecularManMolecularMan Posts: 2
I am new to this and thoroughly confused. I have the Oculus Quest 2, phone mobile Oculus app, and PC Oculus app. All three are linked with the same sign-in. I purchased two games on my PC app. I don't see them in my Quest or mobile app libraries. When I go to the game it says I must purchase them still.

Oculus support ticket is completely down. Is this a sign of things to come with regards to getting help? Thoughts on confidence and sticking with Oculus or another brand?


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,226 Volunteer Moderator
    Oculus has three separate stores for Rift, Quest, and Go. On the website or mobile app, you can switch between the platforms (dropdown at the top of the screen in the mobile app). When you look at the store in the headset, you only see the store for the specific platform you’re currently using. The PC desktop app is only for buying PC (Rift) games.

    Some games support cross-buy (between Rift and Quest), meaning when you buy the game on one platform, you get it free on the other. It doesn’t just show up in your library on the other platform, but if you go to the store page it will show the price as Free, and you can claim it there to add it to your library.

    If the games you bought are not cross-buy titles, you can play them on your PC using Quest + Link (tethering your Quest to your PC with a USB3 cable to use your Quest as a PCVR headset, if you have a VR-capable PC). Or, you can request a refund for the Rift purchases and buy the games on the Quest store (if there are Quest versions of those games). 
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  • MolecularManMolecularMan Posts: 2
    Wow, thanks, that is super helpful. I read half-answer across the forums and Reddit and this is by far the most articulated and useful comment I've come across. Now everything I read leading up to this post makes more sense. I wish Oculus was a bit more transparent about this given that the Quest 2 is marketed to the masses. I will figure it out, but I have many friends who are not into computers that will be thoroughly confused about which games they can actually play.

    I do have a VR ready PC, but would prefer to play Beat Saber "mobile." So, hopefully, the Oculus support returns and they will process a refund. Also go Lone Echo, looking forward to that one when my link cable arrives Weds!

    For anyone else stopping buy to seek help, I found this useful - search cross-buy apps in the Oculus store.
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