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Oculus Quest 2 problems.

Good evening, I bought your Quest 2 and I am having 2 problems which i believe depend on my visual condition. 
I wear glasses with the following gradation: OD D -6.50 CYL -1.25 Axis 010 OS D -7.50 CYL -2.25 Axis 180.
Unfortunately when I wear the Quest 2 I can see in focus a very small portion in the center of the screen.  To give an example, those times that the popup message appears to select to observe the surrounding environment (to find the sticks), a small popup with 2 or 3 choices, I can see only 1 of the choice buttons in focus and I have to  move my head towards the other buttons to see the others buttons in focus. 

Another problem I have, visible in dark scenes when I see a movie, are the many internal reflections..

I saw that you allow the use of graduated lenses to be applied to the viewer; before making this purchase, you can tell me from your experience if  in people with vision problems similar to mine have these lenses significantly improved these problems?  Or only in a marginal way? 

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