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IPD 70 issue on Quest 2 and blur issue

Got my Quest 2, unfortunately I'm having an IPD issue.  I'm IPD 70, so I have to use the third setting on the slider. (68)  Problem is, I can see the black edges of the screen now.  During setup, the edges actually glowed blue which was even worse. This was not an issue on my Quest 1 - and I could actually get it to 70.  Not sure why they dumbed down the slider - I'm disappointed.  I put in the glasses spacer to see if it helped, it muted the edges a little.  Problem is now unless I'm looking directly ahead, everything else is blurry, much moreso than on the Quest 1.

I can still return it which I might but wanted to see if anyone with higher IPD's had any suggestions first.


  • Hitman90210Hitman90210 Posts: 1
    Mine is at 75 according to an app. I guess I'm totally weird. A lot of things look blurry/smeared for me when in the home environment. Usually when I'm playing a game I don't really notice anything. I do have to constantly adjust my headset though. Raising one end slightly up more than the other also. It's annoying. I'm going to try the glasses spacer to see if that makes a difference. On Oculus Q1 I had to have the slider all the way to the left. I looked fine, but not crispy crisp. If I had to choose between the two, I would just use my Quest 1 since I see things better with it. I AM totally loving the elite battery headstrap though. 
  • Nightlife77Nightlife77 Posts: 3
    The glasses spacer helped, and I did something else.  Now it's just the blur issue mainly.

    I loaded Sidequest and bumped up the textures to 2048 , looks better, more clear - Quest 2 my main issue is - the peripheral edges of the lens seem much more blurry than on the Quest 1 if I'm not directly looking forward in a small circle, everything else is rather blurry - can this be fixed?  the blur is distracting in a way that it wasnt on the Q1.
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