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Hand tracking in VRChat

I am deaf.  I just brought Oculus 2 and immediately go to a sign language world in VRChat but it doesn’t seem that the hand tracking is not ready for it.  Why?  


  • BartonVRBartonVR Posts: 1
    The hand tracking support hasnt been added by VrChat devs yet. Its on their end. They need to know how the Quest 2 outputs the information so they can implament it. Since the quest 2 is fairly new, it will take some time before we see it added. 
  • TwistySpongeTwistySponge Posts: 1
    games like Spatial already supports it idk why they need to "know how the quest 2 outputs the information" like bruh games already support it
  • simon.nordonsimon.nordon Posts: 1
    It's fairly trivial to implement hand tracking. It's probably not a big priority right now, plus would conflict with their current avatar system.
  • CreepConnorCreepConnor Posts: 3
    Actually, with ALVR index emulation and vrchat on steamvr, hand tracking works fine. Hand tracking developer SDK has been out for a year. VRchat should implement it into their game soon, because we already know its possible. It's only a matter of laziness and time.
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