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Rift S Crashing ..

ShundrieShundrie Posts: 11
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So for 11 months, I have various small issues with this VR ..... tracking issues, plug issues, where it kept wanted me to reseat the ubs and or the displayport  Then all of a sudden it starts to crash - first it was once in a while, then once every 2 hours.. right to now where is it every 15 mins basically its a brick. 

It flickers, makes a high pitch noise and all goes dark - it used to be enough to restart on steam vr - then I had to unplug and plug in, after that it wouldn't restart until I restarted the PC - now it takes me an hour of all three of these and suddenly and randomly it will come back. 

Once I left it on the desk,  doing nothing not even playing a game, not streaming or anything running and it still crashed. 

I've sent my logs to support and I'm really hoping that they will know from that what is happening. But I really wonder how many others are having this problem because I know of 3 others.  So I'm assuming it's not my setup, after following all of the many suggestions, reinstalling steam vr/oculuas/games/ tried all ports/ ending oculus stuff in task manager/updating drivers etc turning off power mode etc buying a USB 3 hub, nothing works. 

I'm so sad, I've played this almost every day for at least 1 hour since Christmas, and streamed - any suggestions would be great fully received 


  • anton1051anton1051 Posts: 2
    im having all the same issues as well.  ever since I got mine a year ago it has had various different major issues but decided to look past them since I loved the damn thing so much. but now it's almost unplayable.  
  • Jerra89Jerra89 Posts: 18
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    Its not possible to have a nice game since its released. with every update a new bug. i have controller tracking issues since one year. after the last two updates i cant play an hour without loose tracking.
  • ShundrieShundrie Posts: 11
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    edited November 20
    Update - so FAcebook told me to return my unit for replacement, which would be sent in 3-5 days ...... this is now the third weekend I have been without a VR because they have mine and haven't sent a replacement...... and they cannot tell me why they haven't sent it yet, apart from they are busy....  Just buy an index ... the time and stress this oculus has caused me, would have covered the cost of buying a decent headset. 
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