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Multiple Users - one Oculus Quest 2

Sophos707Sophos707 Posts: 10
Hi there!
We just bought a new Oculus Quest 2. Very excited!
I have six kids, so obviously we want to have our own accounts.

Is this accomplished by each of us signing up for our own facebook account, then logging in and out? Or do we have one Facebook account attached to the device and multiple users for that account?

Or something else?

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  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,056 Volunteer Moderator
    Edit: A statement from Facebook recently said this "...we plan to introduce the ability for multiple users to log into the same device using their own Facebook account.
    The idea is for people to easily share their headset and eligible apps with friends or family while keeping their information separate. We will have more to share on this soon."

    Presumably, you'll still have to purchase multiple copies. 
    The part of "share their headset and eligible apps" makes it sound like games owned by the primary account would be shared with people who log in.

    Of course the other thing to be aware of is technically any of those accounts still have to meet the Oculus and Facebook license restrictions of ages 13 and over.
    (Not that I think its a problem, I had my 4 year old niece use my quest, she loved the Bogo demo. But kids under 13 can't have their own facebook accounts, could be banned if found out)

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  • Sophos707Sophos707 Posts: 10
    Hopefully they do this quicker.
    It's really painful. I had planned on purchasing a few, but will hold off.

    It's weird they would make people buy multiple copies for the same device. I was assuming it would be more like other devices, where you download it for the device, and all your users on that device can play it.
  • modestas.baranmodestas.baran Posts: 1
    edited November 15
    That just sounds like a plain greediness. I doubt its something "difficult" to implement multiple users to have its own save data/settings. Nah, they just be like "create another facebook account, buy same games on that account and hard reset device every time you change profile" or even better - buy multiple devices to save time for hard resetting and buy same games twice or more.

    For me it sounds like a pretty obvious feature which must be implemented even before product comes out - consoles have it, netflix have it etc.
  • Wraith2021Wraith2021 Posts: 5
    If they don't sort this out, and I mean fast! Come Christmas this is gonna come back and bite them in the arse!

    I have worked in retail for years, and I can tell you now, people don't read, they don't listen, and they go along blinkered when it comes to informing them. If Facebook thinks that sticking "Requires A Facebook Account" on the box and on all the adds is going to get parents to notice it, they are sorely mistaken.

    This Christmas parent all over the globe will be buying their 10, 11, and 12 year olds a Quest 2. And when they find out that it doesn't work like any other console out there, and they can't just create an account for their kid, or they make a fake account, and end up with a paperweight, they are gonna come down on Facebook like a ton of bricks.

    You think the launch was bad?

    If they don't sort out their logins before Christmas, this is going to hit them hard! Don't get on the wrong side of parents, they are your bread and butter when it comes to mass adoption, and those headsets they all picked up in the millions for Christmas, will find themselves being returned to the stores, which in turn get returned to Facebook, which then hits them in the pocket.
  • rumplinrumplin Posts: 1
    Come on Oculus, prioritize this feature!
  • Wingless_ShinigamiWingless_Shinigami Posts: 2
    The thing is, people have made solutions to this issue, however Oculus/FB keeps blocking them whenever they pop up.  First was one involving settings.apk, 2nd enabled a feature already on the Quest that let you add another user.  Maybe try NOT blocking one until you get the official solution up and running?
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