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Can not export animations

ClarissimoClarissimo Posts: 2
Hey there,

so I have trouble exporting my keyframe animation. If I select fbx (or Alembic) and check the "Export Animation" box in the exporter I get the message:

"This file has transform/opacity key frames which currently can not be exported."

I am having also "Export Mesh" and "Bake Transforms" selected.

Anyone knowing what's happening here and how to fix it?

Best Answer

  • ClarissimoClarissimo Posts: 2
    Accepted Answer
    I fixed it. The Quill support team on Fb helped me. They answered:

    "Yes, currently only frame by frame animation is supported in alembic and fbx format. If you have transform keyframes or opacity keyframes it won't export.

    So if you have transform or opacity keyframes you have to make sure to create a "sequence loop" and use the "bake sequence to paint layer frames" button. 

    Here is a video on how to use the bake keyframes function.
    [I can not use links in this forum so just go on youtube and search for the video "Particle Effects Animation in Quill with Goro Fujita" and go to minute 11.25]

    Also make sure to delete all remaining transform/opacity keyframes."

    -> Apparently you can not export key frames and you have to bake it into frame by frame animation
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