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Oculus Quest 2 Factory Settings Boot Loop

Please for the love of god let me know if you have a fix, because I had a similar issue on the first Quest:

Oculus Quest: Got stuck in a boot loop where logo appears, then it turns itself off, then back on and repeats the process till battery runs out. Was unfixable and there were no other Quests available until Quest 2, and got that replaced.

Quest 2: Happened today (11/6/2020 at 1 PM EST, had it since release). I turned  on the oculus, iit opened up the factory settings menu right away. Anything I try to do, be it boot the oculus, shut it down, or factory reset just turns off the oculus and turns back on immediately, just repeating the process over and over. Even If I hold power down for 30 or more seconds the loop doesn't stop. I'm charging it fully right now but I cannot believe this is happening AGAIN. It is extremely similar to the first time I had it with the Quest 1 but this just opens up the factory settings instead of turning on and off by itself. NOW im the one who creates the loop by turning it off. I can't get it to power down or do anything.

I have no idea how this occured again but I want answers. I have seen people online with this question and really received no support. I don't want to have to use my warranty on this issue again, please help so I don't encounter this again. 

P.S. I want it clear that the only things Ive done to it are use itself, use oculus link, and mod two games through steam. Nothing I have done could have bricked the system on the software side.


  • bbgbonbbgbon Posts: 1
    Were you ever able to resolve this, or did you take it back?
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