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Setting up guardian is causing glitches

RawnsonSwansonRawnsonSwanson Posts: 1
I booted up my quest 2 tonight and when I tried to set up a guardian I would get the message I had left the play area which meant to redraw a guardian or go back to my old one. I at that point hadn't set up a guardian and when I got time to set up the guardian it glitched and said I had left the area. Again when I try to set up my guardian it glitches and tells me to set up my guardian


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,298 Oculus Staff
    Hi there, are you in an area that is adequately lit? Check for any possible reflective surfaces in the nearby vicinity that could be messing with sensors and be sure to cover them if need be. Should the problem persist, try your Quest in another play area. If even then, the Guardian fails to establish, click here to submit a ticket. We're happy to help! -Kassidy
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