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Black bar and controllers problem

LucyBaribeauLucyBaribeau Posts: 1
A part of the menu (black bar at the bottom) and the controllers don't disappear while watching content,
How can I return to normal?


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,298 Oculus Staff
    Hi, we'd be happy to look into this with you! If possible, please capture pictures of this black bar in your display so that we can assess it for ourselves. To do this, set your headset on a flat surface and cover the proximity sensor located between both lenses. It'll be a bit awkward, but do your best to work the camera in as close you can so we can get a good look at the issue. Click here to submit a ticket with the images you've captured.

    As for your Touch controllers, are they being moved around at all? If so, this would cause them to continually appear when watching videos. If you find that even when left undisturbed on a flat surface the controllers remain, we'll look into that as well. Thanks! -Kassidy
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