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My rift is is crashing with static beep please help me

I bought my riftS from Ebay about 2 months now and and about a month o little less ago I started having a problem where I would open a game or even just open the oculus software and in 1-20 minutes I would hear a statick beep then the game would crash and the tracking would stop working completely then I would get a notification saying to conect my display port but i am 100% sure my display cable isn't the problem, sigh i have worked real hard and saved for months to buy this and to be honest I am loving it but this problem i am having is ruining my experience so please help me, i also checked online and found out a ton of other people also have this problem with no way of fixing it, after watching soo many tutorials and reading soo many articles with no help I am here trying to get some assistance so please enjoy the games I have bought once again and the ones i have and can't get to play, help me.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,152 Oculus Staff
    @Skyfall_10X - Please submit a ticket with us and include the log files from your system so we can look into your case. - Clint
  • greyclockgreyclock Posts: 2
    edited November 19
    The symptoms you posted about are indicating your headset cable is starting to go out.   I have gone through a number of headsets and have had insane issues with the cables including a brand new headset I ended up having to return (all rift S).   I have also had headset cables go bad (Rift S) after use with the issue slowly getting worse and more frequent.    All did as you describe... static, loud beep, rebooting..... sometimes the headset crashes requiring a reboot.  Your logs with support will lead to nowhere, they probably just want the data for their systems. Unless they take sympathy on your situation, your ebay purchase will probably not have a warranty they will honor.   I suggest trying to source a new cable and saving you a lot of grief as support's ticket request ultimately leads nowhere.
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