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Support is lacking and not paying attention to questions

RoliwageRoliwage Posts: 3
I'll start by saying that for the most part, I love my Quest 2. However, I've spent more time with Oculus support than any other company EVER. From multiple unsolved account problems, to receiving a defective Quest 2, it's been a never-ending slog of chats and waiting for email responses. Some replies still haven't come yet, and some unresolved support cases have been closed.

Support is pretty good about replying quickly, and the chat feature is great. However, 100% of the questions I ask are not answered the first time. What I get are answers that clearly indicate my question was skimmed for key phrases, and not read thoroughly. It never fails. If I ask a specific question regarding problems linking my Facebook account, I get a general reply about linking Facebook accounts. It's almost as if bots are in charge. I would love to reach support and not have to ask every question twice.

C'mon Oculus, please support your customers better. I really want to support you, but so far I can't recommend anyone buy Quest 2.


  • synchromesh62synchromesh62 Posts: 419
    Roliwage said:
    It's almost as if bots are in charge. 

    It probably is a bot they get better everyday .. Try typing Peanut Butter  see what response you get :)
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