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Firmware Update.....any word about dear Facebook?

XarstealthXarstealth Posts: 62
Hiro Protagonist
I suppose im not the only one that recieved a huge firmware update on my rift s just after upgrade to PTC  24...

i see on the RIFT\RIFTS forum only quest 1 AND 2 updates SINCE MARCH , and only quest 1\2 answering and asking questions...well its easy to confuse when u put wrong updates on the wrong section of the forum...if theres no updates for rifts so DONT WRITE A WORD ON THIS F******G SECTION!!!!

But hey...they actually did an update for rift S after the last in march....AND DONT EVEN WRITE A WORK ON WHAT CHANGED!!! (well... user side i just see a deformation of the image when move head left and changes for a better headset just something to fix to say " we are updating the rift s european law"..2 years sw support....)
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