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Quest 2 stuck in USB UPDATE MODE!! Please help!

QupoQupo Posts: 2
So I just updated to the newest version 23 around noon, spent a couple of hours playing Half-Life Alyx till the battery is very low. Turned off the device, charge it. And then tonight I unplugged the charging cable, and I notice that the sidelight doesn't turn off automatically and the light is orange instead of green for some reason. So I decided to take a peek and the screen is somehow ON and it just says USB Update Mode.

I have 5 options available on the Screen: Boot device, Device Info, Factory Reset, Sideload Update, Power Off.

None of these options work:
-Boot device would just restart the quest back to this very same screen.
-Device info just shows info of the device like serial number, Ram Size, etc.
-Factory Reset would just restart the device back to this screen just like what the Boot Device option did.
-Same with Sideload Update, it just restarts the device.
-Power Off would turn off the device. And if I turn it back on, I get the same USB Update Mode screen.

I'm at a loss here, is there a fail-safe to force Factory Reset the device? I'm seriously in need of help, I don't have the luxury of just sending the device back, unfortunately. Does anyone ever have the same experience? How can I get past this USB Update Mode screen? Thank you kindly for your help in advance.


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