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Social engineering algorithm

hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 1,044
The individual creates a int value.
The int value is what makes a company successful or not.

If the int value is less than what makes a company successful then the individual is successful.

So the company is at odds with the person on which is successful.

The company has to invent changes into the individual so the individual creates a larger int value at the cost of the individual's health.
Also termed Nerfing.
Complaints come in that somebody's too happy and they need to be nerfed.

See the Matt Damon show called the adjustment bureau. He wasn't allowed to be too happy. He had to be Nerfed.

If he took the small int value, and held near the smart, healthy, rich, good, people, he would be left alone, and that's how the movie ended.

The moral to the algorithm is meeting too many bad people, like porntube, leads to too much bad company that leads to a higher int value and more misery in the long term. Many marriages are sexless loveless because of too high a int  value early into the relationship. Good for data companies who collect data that makes people miserable but bad for love and laughter.
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