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possible fix for freezing or crashing

hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 973
edited December 2020 in Off-Topic
idk if the oculus vr freezes or crashes. but if it does then the below advice might help, from my reddit post i double post here in case they close it for some reason, edit they did remove it i wasnt civil enough;

the usb 3.1 ports on amd motherboards like the x570 don't work very well on the reverb g2. on my oculus rift, there was a problem that was only fixed by moving to a usb 2 port.

i'm getting there, im old let me ramble a bit to tell my story...

anyway, today on pc apex legends, i was using my ordinary ps4 controller to play. mid game the controller died. its connected to the front usb on my intel motherboard using an extension cable.

i read online that normally when the ps4 controller dies mid game you have to reboot the pc to fix it.
at the time i was encoding a video using avisynth and staxrip, so i wasn't going to reboot to fix the problem.

nothing i did fixed the problem, closing the game, changing usb ports, reseating the cable. until i went into task manager, then i restarted windows explorer, then i plugged my usb into a different port. the pc recognized the ps4 controller and it worked fine in the game.

after my encoding i rebooted my pc, and started my apex legends pc game again and sure enough the ps4 controller froze again. mid game. so i thought the last time i fixed it by switching usb ports, so this time instead of restarting windows explorer all i will do is switch usb ports, and the game hard froze. i could use the mouse to move in the screen but no buttons worked, nothing, it died.

so after reading how the games freeze or crash on the xbox series x, and the ps5, and they use the usb 3.1, the troubled usb port, and they use amd graphics, only amd video cards causes the usb problems for the reverb g2 with usb 3.1.
i think its the usb causing the problems, and to fix it the solution is to switch usb ports using sw, and without turning off the windows explorer or its equivalent in the os, the usb switch causes a crash or freeze when the usb goes belly up. ps5 uses orbis os, i wonder if orbis os has a windows explorer if it does restart that before sw switching the usb ports. that should fix the crashing problems.


  • "the problem is basically anti ghosting keyboard, if precion several keys at once happens locking."
  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 973
    edited December 2020
    which begs the question of, if the switching of USB ports through SW crashes the game, why do it on purpose? stands to reason there must be a reason for doing so...
    - step 1, ghosting technology bug creates freeze on USB
    - step 2, either restart gnome shell in linux freebsd, or windows explorer in windows, or not, Then switch USB ports.

    theyre not purposefully crashing the game system...that would be bananas. fyi, some people on the ps5 dont experience any game crashes ever, while other people get multiple crashes every a day.

  • yangyulin-9.11yangyulin-9.11 Posts: 6
    I made a video from TunesKit AceMovi and want to test it on the vr but every time I open it, it just crashes.
  • hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 973
    open it with the windows "movies and tv" program. i googled how to make a vr video using TunesKit AceMovi  and got nothing, may i ask how you did it?
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