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Can't find Family/Friends on Facebook who have Oculus

OMMBoyOMMBoy Posts: 2
Hi, new Oculus Quest 2 user and total noob to VR here! I just received a Quest 2 for Christmas. During the setup process, I was shown a list of friends/family on Facebook who are also Oculus users. I didn't immediately add anyone, thinking I would go back and add them later. Now that I'm ready to add them, I can't find the list of users who have an Oculus. At the "Social" tab (within the Quest 2 and on the smartphone app), I am only presented with an "add user" icon which, when clicked, displays a search field. I'm a Mac user, so there's no way for me to use the PC app.
How can I view the list of family/friends who are also Oculus users?


  • PixieTheBanditPixieTheBandit Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem. I cant figure it out. 😕
  • John-JJohn-J Posts: 1
    I have the same issue. I have messaged oculus support but had no reply in over a week.
  • Gjd5150Gjd5150 Posts: 1
    Heard back from customer support on this, since I was having the same issue. 

    Their response " That list only shows up during the setup.  After that, you have to add your friends individually."
    I appreciate the answer from them,  but think that its dumb to do it that way.  you get a new vr headset and want to play not invite friends, it could wait how hard is it to populate a list in the friends menu.         
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