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Order stuck in processing

IsThisRLIsThisRL Posts: 1
I ordered a oculus quest 2 on december 27th, it's been 10 days and i'm still in processing but the estimated delivery date keeps changing?
at first was the 29th then 27th then 21st now its the 20th
honestly I can't wait for it and i'm very excited but i'm worried about how long its been in processing, is everything okay?


  • JoshooDJoshooD Posts: 3
    Has there been any update? I fear I may have the same problem?

  • my2centsmy2cents Posts: 1
    Same here!  I was charged for it on the 9th, estimated shipping is for tomorrow, but it's still 'preparing for shipping'. So....thinking not likely to get it tomorrow, haha.
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