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Old Accounts on Quest 2

shaun.surfieldshaun.surfield Posts: 1
I was just wondering; if I had an older Oculus account and got a Quest 2, would it be possible to play games on said older account on a Quest 2 (with the necessary set-up that is)?


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,328 Oculus Staff
    Hello @shaun.surfield , you would need to have the Quest 2 setup on that older account, also your Facebook account would need to be merged with the order account. If you have any further questions, please contact our support team here. Thanks! - Clint
  • Kilo60Kilo60 Posts: 15
    Brain Burst

    I have an old Oculus Rift account that I could not use with my new Quest 2...

    Bought the Quest 2 for Christmas for my Boys.

    Never used FB and tried to create a new account.  Every FB account I have created for me or my kids gets immediately disabled.

    This is so frustrating and it's been several weeks since my support request and I've been bounced around to three separate support persons now with the issue completely unresolved.

    AT this point this is CONSUMER FRAUD!

    There should be a huge warning on the retail box that says if you create a new Facebook account as required you could be disabled and not able to use the hardware!!!
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