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Disabling suicide mode in Superhot VR

Hi everyone.  I want to get Superhot VR but I don't want to shoot myself to move to the next level. Yes I know is ironic as I am ok with shooting other characters, what can insay...I am squeamish about suicide. Anyways, per Superhot  costumer service, "You can disable those scenes in the game menu, reachable by pressing the menu button on your controller." Can anyone confirm this as accurate? Thanks!


  • vrworld2017vrworld2017 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem and found no solution. Where is the menu buttom?? 
  • PapraguPapragu Posts: 14
    It is a game and it is only one time....
  • Howie_DoodatHowie_Doodat Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    I think there’s an option in the settings that’s something like “skip violent sequences” or something. That’s not the word choice, but it should be pretty straight forward. 
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