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If I get a second Rift 2 will I need a second account?

GfourestGfourest Posts: 1
I want to get a second rift so my kids can play multiplayer games together (and me too not gonna lie). Will I be able to use my account on both Rifts or will I be forced to create a new account and buy the games all over again?


  • Kilo60Kilo60 Posts: 15
    Brain Burst

    STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE QUEST 2 and the mandatory FB account requirement!!!

    My FB account was disabled when I tried to create one for the very first time!

    Every subsequent FB account I have attempted to create for my kids gets immediately disabled.

    This is so frustrating and it's been several weeks since my support request and I've been bounced around to three separate support persons now with the issue completely unresolved.

    AT this point this is CONSUMER FRAUD!

    There should be a huge warning on the retail box that says if you create a new Facebook account as required you could be disabled and not able to use the hardware!!!

  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,228 Volunteer Moderator
    @Kilo60, This thread has nothing to do with the Quest 2, it's about a second Rift.

    You can use one account for any number of Oculus headsets of any type at the same time. All Rifts (CV1 or Rift-S) will share the same game library on any computer you install the software on (Quests can share the Rift library too if you use the Link cable or Virtual Desktop. They can't when running natively stand alone though).
    Single player games can generally be run at the same time on multiple Rifts. Of course if they use cloud saves or leaderboards then your kids (and you) are going to be interfering with each other's progress/scores. (For example you won't be able to challenge your kids in the Beat Saber leaderboard since you'd all be using the one account name)

    Multiplayer games typically aren't going to support multiple people connecting at the same time from the same account. Some do (Rec Room, Half+Half, etc) but many don't. For the ones that don't, you need another account and buy the game a second time. At least with the Rift you can swap accounts in seconds, for Quest owners they need to factory reset and redo the setup to change accounts.
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