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Question on Quest 2 and using the link cable

tonyvr99tonyvr99 Posts: 5
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I'm a bit confused on a couple issues regarding using the Quest 2 and link cable. I was hoping some of you may be able to clear up the confusion and thanks in advance. 

The first issue I was confused about was, I thought using the link cable one perk is it made all your games look better since it's using your PC to power them instead of the headset on it's own. Any of the Quest 2 games I bought like Nature Trek, Space Pirate Trainer, Beat Sabre, none of those games appear to look any different with the link cable or without. 

Is using the link cable actually supposed to make Quest 2 games look any better ? ( I thought I read and seen in Youtube videos that it was supposed to)

For the second matter, I thought when I used my Quest 2 with the link cable that the games I already purchased specifically for Quest 2 would still show up when linked up to the PC. I see when I link to the PC the library doesn't show any of the Quest 2 games I purchased, although when I search the Rift store games I go have like Robo Recall, Space Pirates and Nature Trek show as being free. I wasn't sure if I had to download seperate versions of each game, 1 for if I just want to play cordless with Quest 2 and the Rift version for when/if I played linked to PC. 

Any game played with Quest 2 linked to my PC I have to also download the Rift version, it won't let me play version bought from Quest 2 store ?

Thanks for any help, much appreciated!


  • NunyabinezNunyabinez Posts: 213
    Nexus 6
    I'll answer your second question first as it will make the first question's answer clearer. Quest and Rift (PC) use two totally different architectures. Quest apps are essentially Android apps. So, your expectation was similar to saying, "I bought this app on my Mac, and expected it to also run on my iPhone." Some developers make versions of their app for the Mac and for iPhone, but they are separate apps that require separate development. The Quest and Rift are exactly the same. 

    Some developers decide that if you bought one version of the app you should get a free copy of the app on the other platform. This is called Cross-buy. Here is a link to the list of apps that do that

    Other developers say that they had to work twice to develop two versions, so if you want it on both platforms, you will have to buy it twice.

    Now to your first question. What the link does is shut off your Quest as a platform and makes it just a dumb headset connected to your PC (not exactly, but in effect). If a developer made the Rift version of their app with better graphics than the Quest version, then it will look better. If all they did was port the exact same game assets to a different platform it will look exactly the same.

    There are games that look and play exactly the same on Quest and Rift. There are Games that look much better on Link than on Quest. And there are games that are only available on Quest and games that are only available on Rift. You have to do some homework before you buy and even before you play, as it makes no sense to use Lnk for a game that doesn't look any better on Rift.
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  • tonyvr99tonyvr99 Posts: 5
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    edited January 9
     Thanks a lot for the reply, I completely understand everything now. I appreciate it!!

  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 6,352 Volunteer Moderator
    One other thing I’ll point out; the cross-buy games don’t automatically show up in your library on the alternate platform, you have to go to that platform’s store and claim them. So, if you go to the Rift store in the PC app, cross-buy games that you own on the Quest like Robo Recall and Space Pirate Trainer will show their price as Free, and you can click that button to add the app to your PC library. 
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