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Rift running on integrated graphics instead of GPU

RikkiUWRikkiUW Posts: 2
I normally use a desktop, but I got a gaming laptop so I can use a larger play area (Asus TUF A17, 1660ti). I finally managed to get the headset working, but it's running on integrated graphics instead of the GPU. For some reason, setting the nvidia control panel to prefer high performance causes the headset to black screen (but audio still works). According to (where I bought the laptop) it's VR ready. I've tried adding the game to the graphics performance preferences and configuring it to run on the GPU, but it's still not. The game calls this out, and looking at task manager I can see the GPU is showing 0% usage across the board, while integrated graphics are at 100%.


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 2,061 Valuable Player
    edited January 10
    If your Rift is working at all, it is definitely using the GTX 1660Ti. No Oculus headset will run on integrated graphics.
    If integrated graphics was enough to run a Rift, facebook would have got their 1 billion users without having to invent the Quest.
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    Dear Oculus, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", please.

  • RikkiUWRikkiUW Posts: 2
    edited January 11
    That's what I would have thought. Not sure you can really call it working though, I doubt I'm getting as much as 10fps in Oculus or Steam VR home. MSI afterburner shows integrated GPU usage spiking up to 100% when I'm in VR, but the 1660ti stays at 0%. For some reason it won't show FPS for VR.
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