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GeForce 461.09 Driver

GeForce 461.09 Driver was installed on my pc last night and my Rift S stopped displaying, Just simply uninstall GeForce Experience and the driver, and reinstall GeForce Experience (this is what i did) if you get a error code just trying to load into GeForce Experience that says something like try restarting your pc or something like that, Its not gonna do anything restarting. I reinstalled GeForce and it works perfect now. If you need help just reply 


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 2,082 Valuable Player
    I can't be bothered with GeForce Experience. It's just bloatware. If I need a new driver, I go and get it.
    i5 6600k - GTX1060 - 8GB RAM - Rift CV1 + 3 Senors - 0 PROBLEMS 1 minor problem
    Dear Oculus, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", please.

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