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I want to buy a game i refunded.

69tentacles69669tentacles696 Posts: 1
So i bought the game Onward and refunded it because i didnt want to buy it yet and now i tried to buy it and it isnt working. I used a visa gift card to buy it and refunded it would it go back to thr card or is it gone


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 2,058 Valuable Player
    Unbelievable. You didn't want to buy it, but you bought it, and asked for your money back. Now you want to buy it again. It's kind of abusing the goodwill of retailers IMO.
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  • Howie_DoodatHowie_Doodat Posts: 45
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    edited January 11
    Hmm. Not trying to be sardonic, but I can’t imagine there’s much incentive to work on “customer who bought a game, played it, and returned it, now wants to buy it again”. Imagine the equivalent of this in a physical store....many transactions that possibly result in another return and zero financial gain. 
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