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Oculus Link Not Working With Adapter

Lost_A_Life_GamingLost_A_Life_Gaming Posts: 1
I have been using the public test channel ever since they gave the option to use the charging cable the quest comes with to play link. It works well with a bit of lag but overall ok. I have to use a usb A to C adapter on my usb port because i dont have any usb C ports on my pc and it works fine with the charging cable using link. 

Because it worked i decided to buy an official oculus link cable for the length and quality. Unfortunately when i plug it into the adapter it doesn't get recognised by the pc. No usb connected ping and oculus app says it cant find my headset. I contacted oculus support and they said you cant use oculus link with an adapter (Even though i have been). I was wondering if there is something wrong with the cable or the oculus cable just wont work with adapters afterall?
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