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I cant confirm my purchase

MagnuskarMagnuskar Posts: 1
edited January 13 in Games and Apps
Hi :)
Im at the moment trying to buy the game Robo Recall and it wont let me confirm my purchase in the oculus store.
First it says in the app that i need to go into my browser, so i did that. In the browser i put in my creditcard information no problem there.
But when i then press "buy" it gives me a screen that says "This content is blocked. Contact the owner of the wibsite to figure out the problem"
Thanks in advance 
(Sorry for the bad English)


  • AlexB1973AlexB1973 Posts: 2
    edited January 13
    Same happening to me just now. hope its an oculus temporary probem. 
  • AlexB1973AlexB1973 Posts: 2
    Any news on this? Still have de same problem. Tried buy other apps and same result. 
  • BulmaLinaBulmaLina Posts: 4
    I have the same problem. I can't buy anything. TT__TT
  • Citron_FighterCitron_Fighter Posts: 1
    I couldnt buy The walking dead saints and sinner but i could buy beat saber...
  • RamseyRamsRamseyRams Posts: 4
    Same problem here I couldn't buy Synth Riders for the OQ2. I didn't have this problem last month. I hope they can fix this soon so I can buy more games.
  • viladsvilads Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem. SO frustrating for my son which just bought a brand new Quest 2. Oculus support keep asking me to log in and out and send all kinds of personal information and haven't heard back from them for days now.

    Their site gives the "This content is blocked" in the confirm purchase step when buying The Walking Dead, although he was able to buy Beat Saber a day prior to that.

    When I look in the developer console log in the Chrome browser it shows the following error:

    I suspect it's something to do with the new european banking rules, which here in Denmark involves some integration with our national identity system (NemId). But why was he then able to buy Beat Saber just fine?
  • RamseyRamsRamseyRams Posts: 4
    edited January 21
    I tried again today to buy Synth Riders because of the Special Deal today but still the error message "This content is blocked. Contact the owner of the wibsite to figure out the problem". I wonder why Oculus is not adressing this problem or telling us about a work around.

    Edit: I changed my billing info from creditcard to paypal and now the problem seems to be solved. So I guess that's the solution.
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