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Stuck on Update Drivers screen

ZaharlanganZaharlangan Posts: 1
edited January 13 in Support
I recently bought and received a Quest 2, however, I cant connect it to my computer's oculus app because it keeps giving me the screen to update my GPU's drivers. This is an issue considering that the version it is requiring me to update to is no longer supported by my hardware. I knew ahead of time that my hardware was old, which I why I purchased the Quest 2 as it would require my computer to run the games. But the fact that I cannot connect it to my PC for management purposes is extremely upsetting so if anyone has a solution that wouldn't require me to spend another few hundred dollars to buy the needed hardware that would be very helpful.


  • mforward90mforward90 Posts: 1
    Im having the same problem. Oculus application is telling me to update drivers for gpu, even tells me the name of the driver. My driver is the latest driver, so tried downloading required driver but it doesn't even work with my gpu??!! Any help would be amazing 
    What is your gpu?  You can always go into device manager and manual update.
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