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Oculus account not working?

This is a really confusing problem, when I tried to the link thing to play pc VR, I had to merge my oculus and Facebook, but for some reason my fb account and my occulus account had the same email but couldn't and weren't connected. So I just made a new oculus account with so that I link would work on that email/account and the actual stand alone headset would keep working on Facebook, but it didn't, now all it says is sorry something went wrong on the actual stand alone home screen and store and when I press retry it does nothing.


  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,328 Oculus Staff
    Hi there, we'd like to work with you to understand exactly what happened and try to get this resolved for you. Please reach out to our Oculus Support team with your device serial number or order number so we can help you. Thank you. - Clint
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