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refund system not working

Purchased Pistol Whip this morning, played it about 10 minutes. (In my opinion, comfort rating should be moderate instead of normal as long as you are constantly moving while standing still) Anyway, I tried to ask for a refund, but I get the error message that I'm not eligible for it. I also tried to create a ticket, but I get the "oops it seems you are a bit lost" message when I click the link on the website. What should I do?


  • deadgarretdeadgarret Posts: 2
    The link I tried is: 
  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 1,298 Oculus Staff
    Hello @deadgarret please try creating a ticket here, you should also see a chat option in the bottom right if the create ticket option does not work. Thanks! - Clint
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