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Rift Racer V 0.1

MartinSchultzMartinSchultz Posts: 89
edited May 2013 in Games and Apps
Just wanted to share the very first prototype of Rift Racer. This version is a very very early protoype to test out how it feels to drive in a F355 Spider and crash into stuff, go airborne when driving over jumps, adjust Physics, get warm with Rift development etc.

The basic idea for the game is a Rift-only multiplayer fox-hound style racing game in an urban environment.

Get the demo right here:

P.S. Try driving at full speed into the blue Pickup. Fun! :-)


  • vrexperiencevrexperience Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    Wow that is amazing fun, try reversing up the big jump in the middle and fall backwards.

    Awesome entertainment.

    Steve Jones
    iMica ltd
  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    Woo hoo, thanks for making and sharing this! It looks like way too much fun as a sandbox experience. :)
  • RoTaToR1979RoTaToR1979 Posts: 115
    Hiro Protagonist
    Amazing! The car-movement is better to play than in some AAA-Titles. 180° YEAH!

    I waaaaaant Carmageddon with Oculus Support ... NOW!

    could you add pedestrians, blood trails, Credit-Points, Style Bonus Messages and the location a football-stadion.... please! :)

    only Problem: The Heaven doesnt fit with the Rift-View (Skybox Problem!)
  • SebbiSebbi Posts: 92
    Brain Burst
    Should be called Drift Racer, because ... drift (the car as well as the view)! ;-) Other than that it's a great example of what the Rift can do. Thanks.
  • quadjojoquadjojo Posts: 10
    Wow, Great Demo! For me one of the best in here!

    Can you compile a Mac Version too? That would be great :)
  • ZonetripperZonetripper Posts: 19
    This is great but needs a reset button! I keep landing upside down :oops:
  • RoTaToR1979RoTaToR1979 Posts: 115
    Hiro Protagonist
    This is great but needs a reset button! I keep landing upside down :oops:

    Press Enter/Return
  • This is great but needs a reset button! I keep landing upside down :oops:

    Hit the Return button. A re-mappable config will come in the next build.

    @quadjojo: Mac version coming, it was originally developed on a Mac... :-)
  • Rift Racer 0.2 is out:

    - Fixed skybox
    - Car reset now remappable in the config dialog -> input
    - Mac build
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