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Guided Meditation – Demo

CubicleNinjasCubicleNinjas Posts: 201
edited June 2014 in Games and Apps

Need 10-minutes of Zen?

Take a vacation on your lunch break. Relax on the shore while you watch the waves gracefully crashing beside your feet. Take a deep breath of fresh air, as you look up into the clouds. Watch and listen to seagulls flock in the blue sky. And for the first time ever, leave the sunscreen at home.







PC v1.0

Mac OS X v1.0

Linux v1.0

Thanks for your time and excited to hear everyone's feedback!


  • TwitchmonkeyTwitchmonkey Posts: 1,121
    Don't have a rift yet, so I don't think I would be able to adequately test this, but I do appreciate the effort you've put in to make this experience. It's been a little while, but I have practiced meditation in the past and I think VR has a lot of potential to enhance the experience. One concern I have is the time, are you planning on including any longer session lengths? I tend to like to meditate for over an hour when I get into it, and 10 minutes wouldn't really be enough time for me to get centered. I suppose I could just continue to listen to the sounds of the beach after the guided portion ended, but something longer would be welcome. I tend to practice zazen closed-eye meditation, and I feel like if I was to keep my eyes open and look around the beach that would be more distracting than I would like. If I was to keep my eyes pen during a meditation, I would prefer something formless that wouldn't give me mind any one thing to focus on more like this:


    Also, have you experimented with adding binaural audio? I find binaural audio tracks with white or pink noise can be very powerful for maintaining a clear mind. I suppose I could just mute this and put on some of my favorite binaural tracks, but it would be nice if there was an option for that included.
  • CubicleNinjasCubicleNinjas Posts: 201
    Hi Twitchmonkey,

    Thanks for the great thoughts and ideas here!

    I also meditate with my eyes closed, so getting used to this new approach was a big challenge. Based on user feedback at this week's SVVR we need to integrate the meditation with the location better, so we're testing ideas now.

    We're focusing on a 10-20 minute guided experience this month, but we're working on a free mode which will allow much more flexibility in options. Customization is key in making this work, so totally agreed. Hoping to add in customizable audio, but focused on other stuff at the moment.

    There are plans for more metaphysical environments in the future, but we're working on relatable physical environments first. When people have a grounded scene to work against we're finding they're mind fills in the gaps. Plus, when something magical happens, it feels even more powerful and related to the meditation. More to come here.

    Right now most audio is recorded binaurally, but no binaural drones/beats have been added. Very good idea though. We'll add it to the list! :D
  • silentdriversilentdriver Posts: 15
    it's great! especially the beginning of the demo gave me the feeling of being "at a place" where everything's possible (including - of course - pure relaxation).

    what I'd wish for:
    *an even calmer ending. *spoiler* getting raised up in the air is fine but I wished so much to stay longer there or to get at least an other relaxing "room" where to stay until you e.g. press a button to start the experience again

    what I was curiously wondering at the beginning (hope you get the humour):
    *what if one of the seagulls - all of a sudden - has to release some poop on my virtual head...always had that mario kart screen in my mind where you can "spray" your opponents screen with black oil ;)

    I really, really enjoyed your experience. can't wait to see that kind of programmes "evolve" into new ideas/versions/...

    greetings and big thanks,
  • moltonmolton Posts: 388
    Hiro Protagonist
    Yes, thank you for the demo. I think this kind of application has A LOT of potential.
  • CubicleNinjasCubicleNinjas Posts: 201
    Thanks Stefan and Molton!

    People are loving or hating that ending, so I think having an option for traditional or fancy ending here would allow people to select their preferred approach. Now to figure out how to do that... :)

    And the seagull idea is really funny. A seagull actually hit me once this way, so not sure if I could recreate it without therapy. Reminds me of the old school Crusin' USA!

    Really appreciate the thoughts.
  • NoahdutchNoahdutch Posts: 14
    I like it, but some parts look a tad unrealistic, like the water.
  • CubicleNinjasCubicleNinjas Posts: 201
    Thanks Noah.

    Every water approach we try has some disadvantages, but totally agreed this needs some love. Working on refining this right now actually.
  • moltonmolton Posts: 388
    Hiro Protagonist
    Just tried it out, I loved it!!! Probably my favorite VR demo ever. Very simple and very powerful. Meditating with your eyes open in a virtual world is a very relaxing experience. I want to recreate scenes in my head I can go back to and just sit and relax now. The instructions were cool too. Whoever does that has a good soothing voice for that sort of thing. I would deffinetly buy a fully featured version of this with different scenes and meditations.

    I wonder if the DK2 camera has sitting down on the ground and standing up from there covered, maybe you'd just need the camera to be able to see you if you sit down.
  • CubicleNinjasCubicleNinjas Posts: 201
    Just tried it out, I loved it!!! Probably my favorite VR demo ever. Very simple and very powerful.

    Wow, thanks so much Molton! Just wanted to share that you totally made my day with the kind comments. :)

    Really curious to play with DK2 and see if the position tracking helps create a more immersive experience. Exploring with the Leap SDK right now to see if being able to view your hands adds value until then.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Amazing work. So powerful.
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  • CubicleNinjasCubicleNinjas Posts: 201
    Amazing work. So powerful.

    Thank you so much Cybereality!! :D
  • AmantisAmantis Posts: 14
    Tried to view this on a regular monitor to check it out, can't look around or move. Don't know if that's a bug or a feature.

    I have to say I think this is the most beautiful beach scene from what little I can see of it that's on the rift right now.
  • CubicleNinjasCubicleNinjas Posts: 201
    Thanks Amantis! :)

    At the moment there isn't really desktop support, but we should add that in down the line. One of the things we're trying to prevent is users distracting themselves with even something as simple as mouse look. Hoping the requirement to physically look around adds immersion, but we'll see.

    Oh, and here's a sneak peak at one of the environments for the next release!
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