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How old is everyone on this board?



  • natzVRnatzVR Posts: 52
    Brain Burst
    26..I always remember watching the first kid movie. Where the kid is trying a VRcade in a mall....ever since that. I always envy that scene...and always thought since then that I was not worried at all cause a tech like that exist and it will definitely be a mainstream in the near future...but was still dissapointed till oculus came. :D
  • LucidRealityLucidReality Posts: 197
    Hiro Protagonist
    24 :D

    First console was NES with Super MArio Bros and Duck Hunt
  • dmc100dmc100 Posts: 38
    37 here

    To all you 42 year olds – you are the "Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". ;p

    Also Bring back the BBC and Acorn with tape and a VR version of Jet Set Willy!!

    Question - Can my Acorn (needs dusting) run the DK2?
  • kaetemikaetemi Posts: 191
  • Alex1SAlex1S Posts: 119

    Got my first PC 21 years ago. Well, my farther brought an Intel 80286 based PC home from work, and since then I was enthralled by virtual worlds (back then in 2D on a black and white CRT monitor) :)
  • NightauditorNightauditor Posts: 181
    edited August 2014
    33 years of age, and I am glad to see that I am right in the middle of the pack here.

    Started gaming with an awesome Amiga 500 (with a memory boost, I think it was 256k?) and played games like hostages, giana sisters, stunt car racer, monkey island 1, test drive and so much more.

    I still cannot quite believe that VR ist finally here. I just received my DK2 shipping info today. I will get it tomorrow!
  • falcofalco Posts: 61
    27 - NES
    I´ve been playing since I was 3, nobody ever told me how to play so I learned to use the controller upside down :lol: not kidding, nowdays, I still find it more confortable to use some controllers upside down.
  • Lulzer99Lulzer99 Posts: 12
    16 - N64 - Mario Kart 64

    I feel almost too young for these forums. :lol:
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  • bongodriverbongodriver Posts: 156
    44 this year.....still playing with toys.
  • RonsonPLRonsonPL Posts: 1,115
    not as bad as 45 or 56, but worse than 23. ;)

    A dinosaur from the Pong era - in real life, and an infant in VR world.
    In short: the luckiest of all enthusiasts - we are the luckiest. We are those who waited for VR for over 20 years.
    This is actually quite a good remedy for the thought: "Damn, I'm old" :D
    Every age has its perks. I guess I've found a pretty neat one. :mrgreen:
    Not an Oculus hater, but not a fan anymore.
    Still lots of respect for the team-Carmack, Abrash.
    Oculus is driven by big corporation principles now. That brings painful effects already, more to come in the future. This is not the Oculus I once cheered for.
  • Andrax wrote:
    50 here. I got my first computer at late 15 (a Dick Smith System Blue - with built in cassette tape) and got my Apple II+ at 16 (with the original Wizardry and holy crap - disk drives and a whopping 48kb RAM - I had to pay huge amount for that extra 16kb upgrade from the standard 32Kb - and couldn't afford the extra card that would have got me to 64Kb). Times have changed and it's been amazing to see it all happen.

    Really exciting times we're going through with VR now and very happy to be part of it all..
    Just wanted to chime in and say I used to love the Wizardry games! Proving Grounds of The Mad Overlord on NES is what I played most, I think I still have graphing paper maps somewhere at my parents house haha!

    That said, I'm only 20, so I'm not quite sure how I got hooked on Wizardry. I would love a classic dungeon crawler like that in VR though.
  • mdkmdk Posts: 356
    32 years 11 months 1 day

    My first computer was a C64 with a floppy drive. First PC was an 486 with 4mb of RAM. My current PC has 8000 times more RAM. :D
  • skidmercskidmerc Posts: 6
    38 here.
    The first PC game I remember was California Rasins. Before that it was Atari - joust and Asteroids.
  • kingzopekingzope Posts: 197
    I'll be 32 in a couple weeks. I've been obsessed with VR since I tried an old sim at Blockbuster golf and games in South Florida. The only thing I really remember was that the fov was like 50 degrees lol.
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  • V8GriffV8Griff Posts: 241
    Hiro Protagonist
    Lulzer99 wrote:
    16 - N64 - Mario Kart 64

    I feel almost too young for these forums. :lol:

    I've got T shirts twice your age :lol:
  • KelKel Posts: 243
  • equusvenustasequusvenustas Posts: 189
    Wow the majority of people here is older than i thought, why most VR entusiast are 28 and up? we need a new blood of VR junkies to keep rolling the bandwagon. :lol: BTW i am 21.
  • MiffyliMiffyli Posts: 77
    Brain Burst
    I am just 19 (soon 20), and feeling waaaay too young for this forum now :D. I feel like I have missed important steps in computer evolution (C64, for example) and even more in gaming area (first game I played was Command & Conquer).
    On the other hand, being young in this age has its benefits. I still have lots to explore and learn, and especially to experience future breakthroughs of VR and possibly even experience them as "mainstream".
  • natalievfxnatalievfx Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    31 :3
  • heyiouheyiou Posts: 31
    37 - Started with the TRS-80 - and not the one with colors lol. And the first IBM PC - OOOOH 4 colors and lines. Then a Tandy 1000 16 colors and SOUND! then a 286, then a 386, then a pentium, and then blah blah to today.

    Gaming - there was something before the Atari, but I cant remember what it was, but Atari for sure. Melted power packs playing Asteroids and I can still feel the rage of joysticks that dont work correctly lol.

    And BTW NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, can beat me at MK or MK2, even to this day, I'd probably still school you hard in Killer Instinct too. Ah, the arcade glory days lol.

    still the best game of all time - TRIBES (original in Ultra mod) [MTW]TribesGOD (yes, I was humble about it) here for any old skoolz (descent II a close 2nd)
  • archaicbereftarchaicbereft Posts: 363
    Hiro Protagonist
    32 here, first system was a Commodore 64 when I was 6 years old
    Almost any idea can seem obvious once the inventor tells you how it works.
  • archaicbereftarchaicbereft Posts: 363
    Hiro Protagonist
    Wow the majority of people here is older than i thought, why most VR entusiast are 28 and up? we need a new blood of VR junkies to keep rolling the bandwagon. :lol: BTW i am 21.

    we grew up with the promise of VR, we can afford systems to run VR and the HMD itself :)
    Almost any idea can seem obvious once the inventor tells you how it works.
  • StrykerStryker Posts: 126
    V8Griff wrote:

    I was worried I was the oldest here till Roaster posted ;)

    Veteran of the '90s Virtual Reality boom.

    I owned and operated 2 x Virtuality (W-Industies) 1000SD units and then a 2000Su Duo for over 10 years until the early '00s. We hired out the systems to the Corporate entertainment and exhibition space and we put thousands of people into VR environments over the years.

    We bought system #3 that had been used by Fabergé on the HERO hang gliding promo tour in 1992 and then spent the next dozen years hauling the machines across the country. We used to borrow extra systems from Virtuality so I was a frequent caller at the factory and got to see some cool stuff, play demo games and see prototype kit.

    Exciting times and quite a lot of what Virtuality did is still valid even today.

    Picture of my with my nephew back then when we had hair.... (I'm at the back)(circa '95)

    That's so awesome. I actually remember back in the arcades that they used to have a VR headset just like that. Same yellow color and same huge ass cables haha. Except I think it had a big circular play space kind of like the Omni but bigger. That's so cool to see how early on you two were invested in VR. I bet it definitely warms the heart to see it's comeback like this. I cannot wait to see where it goes in the next 10 years now that all the big players are getting invested into it.

    But cool picture :D Man I miss the arcades
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  • erickerick Posts: 125
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited August 2014
    heyiou wrote:
    Started with the TRS-80 - and not the one with colors lol.
    Oh man, my family had the TRS-80 too. But we had the first model CoCo (RadioShack branded) that you hooked up to your TV. We must have gotten it around '82.

    I didn't get my own computer until around '87. I got the parts from my dad's 80286 when he upgraded to a fancy brand new i386. Upgraded with a 40MB HDD and twice the RAM (2MB!). I was rocking the internal PC speaker for a real long time.

    EDIT: I was just remembering how awesome it was back then if you upgraded with a math co-processor.
  • AmigoneAmigone Posts: 8
    31 here think my first game was Atari Choplifter!
    44 this year.....still playing with toys.
    your never to old for toys its just that the toys get bigger and much more expensive
  • davidvantoor90davidvantoor90 Posts: 15
    I am 23, some friend who also have the Oculus(only DK1) are 19 and 32.
  • HAWKEYE481HAWKEYE481 Posts: 759
    Brain Burst
    33, I owned a spectrum ;-)
    "Some people say VR can take you anywhere in the world, I say VR can take you anywhere in your imagination"

  • opampopamp Posts: 326
    Hiro Protagonist
    37 year old.

    My first computer was a Mattel Aquarius. When all the cool kids had zx spectums.


    And very first game played on the above was Millipede.


    Im not going to be bothered about the Resolution/SDE! :-)
    DK2. Phenom 2 x4 4.2GHz,Asrock Extreme 3 970,8GB DDR3 1600, R9 270x 1180/1400.
  • I am 34 here and I hope the VR goes mainstream.
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